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Powerful Capabilities

An Overview of our Features.

Here you will find an overview of all the current features of ke_search and ke_search Premium. For detailed information and further details, you can always refer to our comprehensive documentation.

Versatile Possibilities

Diverse Indexing

In addition to regular pages, ke_search allows indexing of various types of content. This includes, for example, file contents (PDF, PPT, DOC, XLS), system categories, news (tt_news & news), file metadata, and specialized database-driven content (news, products, etc.). We also provide an additional indexer for community extensions (e.g., "mask"). And of course, it is expandable through custom indexers!

Cross-Site Ready

The Remote Indexer

The "Remote" indexer allows transferring search results from one TYPO3 instance to another and linking them accordingly. This enables covering multiple TYPO3 websites with a single search form.

Prepared for Everything

Community Extensions and ke_hooks

Need additional indexing options? With additional indexers for community extensions (e.g., "mask"), you can easily expand ke_search as needed. Furthermore, we provide ke_hooks as a tool in the form of an example extension, allowing you to create your own indexer.


"Did you mean?" Functionality

Using the OpenThesaurus database, if no exact match is found, similar words are suggested to the visitor. This helps identify and overcome typographical errors.

New Premium
Knows what you're looking for

In-Word Search

By utilizing native MySQL, we have enhanced our search extension to provide more refined results. Now, even search terms that are part of longer words will be associated with results containing those longer words. For example, searching for "tire" will yield content where the word "car tire" appears.

Looking ahead


With the help of auto-completion, visitors are presented with relevant word suggestions as they type their search queries. These suggestions are based on real search terms entered and are considered only if they lead to actual matches. The foundation for this feature is the jQuery framework.

Priority on the important

Custom Ranking

The "Custom Ranking" feature allows assigning specific values for sorting entries individually for pages and each indexer. This enables targeted sorting of certain entries at the beginning or end of the search results list.

Guiding you to success


In the TYPO3 backend, synonyms for search terms can be added. When searching for a synonym, the original term is also searched simultaneously. This functionality works both ways!

Faster to the right results

Refine Your Search

Provide users with the ability to refine their search queries using AND/OR operators or phrase searches, allowing them to narrow down their search results.

Geospatial Search

Radius Search and Map Display

Search results can be geocoded and displayed based on their distance from a postal code or location. They can also be presented as an interactive map using the Google Geocoding API / Google Maps.

Only what you want

Result Control

ke_search gives you full control over indexing by increasing relevance of the title field and supporting "enable fields" (time period, group rights, "hidden" field).

Tailored to your needs

Clearness of Results

With various sorting functions (e.g., by date or relevance) and a page browser, users have the ability to customize the display of results according to their preferences and explore them. By highlighting the search term and displaying images in the results, users are provided with visual cues to quickly grasp their interests.

Focus on the essentials

Search Result Filtering

Filtering and faceting are essential features that every modern on-site search should offer. With our extension, we provide you with the freedom to configure filters and the ability to offer multiple filters simultaneously.

When YOU want it

Temporal Indexing

You can individually set the starting point and cycle of indexing. A reindexing can be initiated at any time.

Invisible aids

Automatic Tagging

ke_search supports you in your editorial workflow by automatically assigning system categories (for pages and news). This ensures that your news is always correctly categorized.

Fast and Faster

Performance Boost with Sphinx

By utilizing the search technology Sphinx (http://sphinxsearch.com/), which is built on MySQL, content can be searched even faster. To achieve this, the Sphinx software needs to be installed on the server.

Always on Point

TYPO3 Compliance

We adhere to and support TYPO3 coding standards by incorporating UTF8 support, Fluid templates, Extbase, and considering user group rights.


Keyword Boost

Assign keywords to pages or news entries to give them higher weighting in the search. When a user searches for any of the keywords, the corresponding result will be displayed higher in the result list.

Keeping up with the Latest Trends

Headless Feature

The "Headless" feature allows the output of ke_search plugins in JSON format. Use cases include AJAX-based search or a headless application utilizing ke_search in the backend.


Stand-Alone Extension

No additional software installation is required for the basic version of ke_search.

Full Overview

Evaluation Possibilities

Our extension enables you to view statistics on search terms and search queries of the website and use them for your own analysis.


All You Need To Know

Learn more about features, configurations, and useful tips to optimize your search experience. Click here to access our extensive documentation and enhance your knowledge.

Latest Versions

Which Premium Version do I need?

Version Upload comment Works with TYPO3 Required min. Version
July 2023
The currently latest version is 5.0.0 as of August 2023. This version is compatible with TYPO3 11 and 12, and requires at least ke_search 5.0.0. 11 and 12 5.0.2
4.2.3 Stable
March 2023
This version runs on TYPO3 10 and 11, requiring at least ke_search 4.5.0. 10 to 11 4.5.0
4.0.1 Stable
October 2021
Version 4.0.1 runs on TYPO3 9 and 10, requiring at least ke_search 4.0.1. It is not compatible with ke_search 3. 9 to 10 4.0.1
3.4.2 Stable
April 2019
Version 3.4.3 runs on TYPO3 9 and 10, requiring at least ke_search 3.8.1. It is compatible with ke_search 3 (Security Fix). 9 to 10 3.8.1
2.1.0 Stable
April 2017
Version 2.1.1 runs on TYPO3 8, requiring at least ke_search 2.6.2. 8 2.6.2
2.0.0 Stable
May 2016
Version 2.0.1 runs on TYPO3 7, requiring at least ke_search 2.2.1. 7 2.2.1

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