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You've got questions...

We've got Answers.

Here, we have compiled a list of common questions and answers to help you navigate through any uncertainties. If you don't find what you're looking for, feel free to reach out to our support team for personalized assistance.



What does the purchase of the Premium version include?

The Extension

You will receive the latest version of the extension for the current TYPO3 version as well as versions for previous TYPO3 instances.


The purchase of the Premium Extension includes one hour of support.


Any updates and new versions released within the next 6 months from the date of purchase are also included in the price.

Wie viel kostet ke_search?

ke_search Basic

The Basic version is available for free in the TYPO3 Extension Repository


ke_search Premium

The Premium variant costs 890 EUR net.

What is the ordering process?

1. Fill out the order form (here).

2. You will receive an invoice from us for the purchase of the extension.

3. Once we have confirmed payment of the invoice in our account, you will receive the latest version via email.

If you need ke_search for an older TYPO3 version, please let us know in the message field. In this case, we will send you the requested variant additionally.

For what period of time do I receive free updates of the Premium Extension?

6 months

All updates released within the next 6 months from the purchase and payment of the extension are included.

The inclusive period has expired, but I would like to have the latest update. Do I need to reorder the extension?


With your order, you can receive all updates released within the next 6 months from the order and payment for free. However, after this period, this offer is no longer valid, and a new order would need to be placed.



Will I receive an invoice?


After placing an order, our accounting department will send an invoice to the email address you provided during the ordering process.

I am purchasing the extension for my client. Can I include a reference on the invoice?


If you need a reference to your project on the invoice, please let us know directly through the order form, and we will take care of it.



Can I request additional features?

Of course!

If you find that certain features are missing for your TYPO3 website or if you require specific customizations, please inform us, and we will plan everything further together with you personally.

Where can I find the documentation?

You can find the documentation for ke_search Basic here.

For everything related to the Premium version, you can read it here.



Where can I report issues?

ke_search Basic

If you encounter a bug in the extension, you have the following options:

1. Via GitHub (here)

2. Via Mail support[@]kesearch[.]de

If you run into setup issues, please contact us via email at support[@]kesearch[.]de or use our service form (here).

For telephone support, we will schedule an appointment with you and get back to you at the agreed-upon time. The Premium version includes one hour of free support. For the Basic version, you can receive paid support from us.

ke_search Premium

With the Premium extension, you have one hour of free support available.

Please feel free to contact us via email at support[@]kesearch[.]de oor use our service form (here).

And remember: For telephone support, we will schedule an appointment with you and get back to you at the agreed-upon time.

I need more than one hour of support for my Premium version. What does that mean?

We will assist you until all issues are resolved.

If this means exceeding the included support time, any additional work will be billed accordingly. If it is already anticipated with your request, we will inform you directly.


Security and Warranty

Do security updates cost me anything once my support period has expired?


We consider security updates as part of ensuring the functionality of our extension. If such a patch becomes necessary, we will inform you through our newsletter (which will also appear here under "News") and in the respective changelogs of the Basic and Premium versions.

You can request the update for the Premium version you purchased. For example, if you bought a version that was compatible with TYPO3 9 at the time and not with TYPO3 10, you will receive the update for the corresponding 9.x version.

Additional Questions?

We'll be glad to answer.


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