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Changelog Premium

Changelog - Premium 5.0.0


Now Available for TYPO3 v.12!

  • [!!!] This version works with TYPO3 12 and 11 and drops support for TYPO3 10.

  • [!!!] The way how to set up the headless feature has changed for TYPO3 12. Please refer to the documentation.


  • TASK

  • Update requirements, require TYPO3 11 or 12, drop TYPO3 10

  • Update SphinxClient to avoid PHP warnings

  • Fix errors reported by PHPStan

  • Add type declarations

  • Migrate query builder function calls

  • Migrate constant TYPO3_MODE to TYPO3

  • Use LLL:EXT: syntax for language file reference

  • Add more information about failed geolocation to the log

  • Only store successful geolocation data in the cache

  • Update documentation

  • Migrate path configuration for autocomplete files to EXT: syntax to work with TYPO3 12

  • Make FetchIndexEntries function static to work with TYPO3 12

  • Use site router to build links instead of content object renderer

  • Migrate usage of GeneralUtility::_GP() and use ServerRequest instead

  • Use or instead of orX in queryBuilder

  • Remove obsolete second parameter from findWordsWhichBeginsWith()

  • Make headless feature work with TYPO3 12