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Changelog Premium

Changelog - Premium 4.1.0


New TYPO3 Version and Tasks

  • <em> This version works with TYPO3 10 and 11 and drops support for TYPO3 9. </em>


  • TASK

  • Mark as compatible to TYPO3 11.5

  • Move language files from xml to xlf

  • Move TypoScript configuration files to Configuration/TypoScript and rename the ending from txt to typoscript

  • Make Autocomplete function compatible to TYPO3 11

  • Optimize Autocomplete function in order to make it work with multiple search forms on the page

  • Do not use underscore for filter names in distance search filter. Underscores must not be used for filter names (due to the fact that the routing features uses underscores to flatten filter arrays).

  • Initialize customranking value only if it not has been set before