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Changelog Basic

Changelog - Basic 5.5.0


New Bugfixes, Features and Tasks


Render file preview in result list only for files which are in the "imagefile_ext" list (images and PDF files). github.com/tpwd/ke_search/issues/60
Don't stop indexing if a folder does not exist. Thanks to Philip Hartmann. https://github.com/tpwd/ke_search/issues/225



Add pagination in the backend module "Indexed content" function and avoid out of memory error. https://github.com/tpwd/ke_search/issues/100



Add BEGIN and COMMIT statements needed to run ke_search in a Percona-Database-Cluster with strict-mode. Thanks to rentz-skygate. github.com/tpwd/ke_search/issues/222
Improve logging for Indexer database actions and output errors in indexing report. github.com/tpwd/ke_search/issues/59
Show name of the indexer in which an error occurred in the indexing report.