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Changelog Basic

Changelog - Basic 5.3.0


New Bugfixes, Features, Tasks and Docs


Make it possible to index content from additional tables in the pages and content element indexer, eg. for EXT:mask and EXT:bootstrap_package. Bootstrap package elements are pre-configured. Thanks for sponsoring to La Sierra University. github.com/tpwd/ke_search/issues/104

Index files linked in "link" fields
Add incremental indexer for tt_content records. https://github.com/tpwd/ke_search/issues/63


Don't overwrite collected files. github.com/tpwd/ke_search/issues/150
Avoid PHP warning "Undefined array key" for "alternative" and "description". Thanks to medarob. https://github.com/tpwd/ke_search/pull/215


Raise requirement of TYPO3 to 11.5.11. github.com/tpwd/ke_search/issues/208
Avoid instantiating of page indexer object in news indexer


Add documentation about using custom labels