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Changelog Basic

Changelog - Basic 5.0.0


New TYPO3 Version Supported and Tasks

[!!!] This version supports TYPO3 12 and 11 and drops support for TYPO3 10.

[!!!] If you use a custom template for "SearchForm.html" please replace "{f:uri.page(pageUid: targetpage)}" with "{targetPageUrl}".



Mark extension as compatible with TYPO3 12 and drop support for TYPO3 10

Add getOptions function to widget and add type declarations.

Replace execute with executeQuery and executeStatement

Apply changes from rector v11 rules and respect protected cObj

Remove deprecated languageService initialization

Remove DBALException annotation

Remove obsolete icon registration

Use new module registration and remove CSH file registration

Replace be.container viewhelper

Refactor fetching the number of records in the index

Refactor searchresult class to reduce dependencies

Replace fetch with fetchAssociative and declare property in PluginBaseHelper

Avoid using f:uri viewhelper in the searchbox template because that now only works in extbase context.

Add property types

Rework backend module to work with TYPO3 12

Migrate outdated fetch() calls in query builder usages

Cleanup: Remove unused properties

Update PHPStan configuration

Migrate language specific function calls

Remove obsolete page access check in backend module

Remove obsolete ignoreErrors pattern for PHPStan

Apply changes from php-cs-fixer

Migrate fetch and fetchAll commands

Add ignoreErrors setting for PHPStan for backend controller for v11