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Changelog Basic

Changelog - Basic 4.5.1


New Bigfixes, Tasks and Docs


Fix labels for hidden_content and show hidden_content in index records (applies only when index records are made visible by Page TSconfig).

Show images with language "All" in result list. Thanks to Stephan Bauer. https://github.com/tpwd/ke_search/issues/77

Ignore empty values for preselected filters in order to make them work with route enhancers and pagination. Thanks to André Steiling. https://github.com/tpwd/ke_search/issues/126



Do not fetch page records and do not add tags to page records if no startingpoints are given to avoid SQL error. Thanks to Veljko Stefanovic. github.com/tpwd/ke_search/issues/117 and https://github.com/tpwd/ke_search/issues/66

Add static Page TSconfig file which allows to only show ke_search records in the New Record wizard. Thanks to Michael Reuber[TASK] Rename Page TSconfig file suffix from .txt to .tsconfig.



Fix link to ke_search_hooks repository and extend documentation about custom indexers. Thanks to Luka C. https://github.com/tpwd/ke_search/issues/122

Add sortdate to the routing example

Add documentation about custom filter rendering