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Changelog Basic

Changelog - Basic 4.5.0


New Features, Bugfixes, Tasks and Docs

[!!!] This version changes the database structure and ads an additional fulltext index. Please do a full indexing after upgrading.



Index custom file references in page indexer. Thanks to Patrick Crausaz. github.com/tpwd/ke_search/pull/119

Index custom fields in tt_content. https://github.com/tpwd/ke_search/issues/102

Add column "hidden_content" in the index table which is used for searching but is not displayed in the result list, add ModifyFieldValuesBeforeStoringEvent for adding content to that column.



Give dependencies when instantiating Db object and activate autoconfigure and auto-wiring for Db. https://github.com/tpwd/ke_search/issues/78

Fix link to non-FAL-files in result list.




Remove unnecessary removing of replacement character, see https://github.com/tpwd/ke_search/commit/af9f166f241728916a726ae453a676997a0f3b7d#r76324249

Add MatchColumnsEvent, remove the dependency in the Db class, inject the EventDispatcher



Add information about using conjunctions with partial word search. github.com/tpwd/ke_search/issues/121